diversity Equity and Inclusion

At Flight Centre Travel Group Americas
Our vision for DEI is to work together to dismantle the barriers to equity for our people, our customers, and our communities.


dei Awards

We are proud to be recognized for our work and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Great Place to Work

Great Place To Work Certification recognizes employers who create an outstanding employee experience.

2023 Travel Weekly Magellan Awards | Silver Winner for Accessibility/Inclusivity

The Travel Weekly Magellan Awards honors the best in travel and salutes the outstanding travel professionals behind it all.

GBTA WINiT DEI Leadership Pinnacle Award 2023

This inaugural award recognizes a female leader who has demonstrated exemplary leadership in advancing for diversity, equity, and inclusion in business travel.

Best Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace in Canada | 5-Star DE&I Employers 2023

Canadian HR Reporter recognizes the 5-Star DE&I Employers of 2023 for their outstanding efforts to create a more inclusive future. The best employers for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace foster a culture where employees at all levels feel they belong, are supported, and can thrive.

Seramount Global Inclusion Index

We are proud to be named to Seramount's 2023 Global Inclusion Index for our commitment to advancing DEI in the workplace in Mexico.  

our latest dei report


our diversity by numbers

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Employee Resource Groups

Accessibility ERG

Purpose: To help improve accessibility and disability inclusion across FCTG Americas’ people, customers, and communities.  

Open to people living with visible or invisible disabilities, chronic illnesses, mental illnesses, marginalized neurotypes (such as autism or ADHD), and allies of the disability and neurodivergent communities.  

Environmental Justice ERG

Purpose: To help improve environmental justice across FCTG Americas’ people, customers, and communities.  

Membership: Open to all advocates for environmental justice and animal rights.

Gender Equity ERG

Purpose: To help improve gender equity across FCTG Americas’ people, customers, and communities.

Membership: Open to all advocates for gender equality including women, gender-expansive people, and men.  

Purpose: To help improve LGBTQ2SIA+ equity and inclusion across FCTG Americas’ people, customers, and communities.
Membership: Open to LGBTQ2SIA+ Flighties and allies

Racial Equity ERG

Mission: To help improve racial equity and inclusion across FCTG Americas’ people, customers, and communities.

Membership: Open to racialized and Indigenous people as well as allies to communities of color.

Mission: Engaging, connecting, and supporting the Mums and Dads of Flight Centre Travel Group Americas.

Parentwise provides updates, interesting information, and advocacy for working parents and guardians. Members can share tips on how to better support their children while they navigate work and family.  Communicating tips, tricks, and stories is a great way to show each other that we are not alone on this journey of working parenthood.

Menopause Community

We have an online community dedicated to employees navigating any stages of menopause (including peri & post) as well as anyone wanting to learn more about this time in a person's life. We hope to provide a safe online space for people to engage, ask questions and share information about their experiences. We hope to dissolve stigma and promote support, so everyone is welcome to the group.

Inclusive Benefits

Cultivating a workplace culture where all of FCTG Americas’ people can thrive doesn’t happen by accident. With clear policies and inclusive benefits,our commitment to diversity, equity, andinclusion stands on a solid foundation.

Gender Affirming Care

We are pleased to include gender-affirming treatments as part of our employee benefits package in Canada and the USA.

Fertility Benefits

We are pleased to offer eligible Flight Centre Travel Group Canada employees healthcare benefits that include coverage for fertility drugs. Similarly, eligible Flight Centre Travel Group USA medical plans include elective egg freezing, and the definition of infertility has been removed in order for members to have more inclusive access to fertility benefits.  

Perks for Caregivers
DEI Learning

Flight Centre Travel Group employees in the USA and Canada can take advantage of high quality, flexible partnerships and services related to child care and elder care through our partnership with Kids and Company.  

Building equity literacy is one of the foundational elements of our DEI strategy. By providing ongoing opportunities for education, we are equipping our teams to competently apply a DEI lens to their work.