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FCTG’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social impact and engagement – building brighter futures where we work, live and travel.

Geographically diverse

With company-owned operations in 23 countries, FCTG is certainly geographically diverse, which is why we have structures and procedures in place to underpin our corporate social responsibility. 

We are also a contributing member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). The UNGC initiative was created to encourage businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies and practices. You can read our latest Communication on Progress here.


FCTG proudly supports and advocates responsible travel, positive diversity practices, empowered giving, and conservation of natural resources and sustainability, which is why we established the Brighter Futures program. Yep, our hearts are big, mushy and green.

1. Flight Centre Foundation
Building brighter futures through: empowered giving

The Flight Centre Foundation is the heart of the FCTG’s corporate and social responsibility program. It provides company employees with means to support nominated charities through workplace giving and fundraising initiatives - making it a no-brainer to be kind and giving! 

Better still, all staff donations are matched dollar-for-dollar by the company, effectively doubling the money going to incredibly worthy people.

To date, FCTG staff and the Foundation have generated close to $20 million  Australian Dollars globally to support local charities across the regions in which we operate. 

We also offer a paid program for employees who want to volunteer their time to community charities, so there really is no easier way to harness empowered giving and be more socially responsible than with FCTG.

Our Partner Charities

The partner charities currently supported by the Flight Centre Foundation are non-political and receive limited or no support from the government. They include:

Bush Heritage Australia

Dedicated to protecting Australia’s unique animals, plants and habitats


Empowering people to connect with those around them and support anyone struggling with life

Foodbank Australia

Distributing donated and surplus food from the grocery industry to welfare and community agencies that provide food assistance to people in need


Developing age-appropriate housing solutions for young people with high-care needs


Supporting children and young people with cancer

Cambodian Children’s Trust

We also support work in our region via Cambodian Children’s Trust (empowering vulnerable children to escape poverty through family preservation, education, and deinstitutionalisation) and KTF (advancing education, health, livelihoods and leadership in Papua New Guinea). 

2. Worldwise
Building brighter futures through: responsible travel

FCTG is committed to promoting and selling travel that respects human rights, the environment, and social equality. We have embodied this commitment in our Responsible Travel Charter and have a Worldwise Committee to oversee its implementation. 

An important way to drive change in this area is through education. We encourage friends, family and our customers to trade mindfully when they travel with these five responsible tips:

Conserve water

Much of the world suffers from a shortage of clean water, so we can help by reusing hotel towels, taking short showers and turning off the tap!

Reduce your waste

Ditch the plastic bag, refuse unnecessary packaging, dispose of your waste responsibly and pick up rubbish too! Recycle as much as possible.

Go local

Enjoy locally owned and operated restaurants and bars. Shop in the local markets and stores and utilise the expertise of local guides when booking tours or activities.

CARE about the wildlife

Take a ‘look but don’t touch’ approach to wildlife activities and avoid any attractions that involve ‘performance’, riding or closely engaging with wild animals.

RESPECT the local people and culture

Along with obeying local laws, this relates to dressing and behaving in a manner appropriate to the community. Learn about the way of life, be polite and keep an open mind. Ensure that your interaction with locals, including children, is respectful and appropriate.

3. Environmental sustainability
Building brighter futures through: sustainable practices

While FCTG has always endorsed responsible tourism and has sought to reduce our own environmental impact, the board is committed to enhancing the company’s record and implementing changes to ensure the way we do business encourages sustainable travel.

The FCTG network is geographically diverse, spanning 23 countries with 22,000+ employees, thousands of supplier partners and millions of customers each year. This network creates a significant area in which we can drive positive impact.

In Australia, we have formal structures and procedures in place to underpin our corporate social responsibility platform.

It starts with us

Starting from board members, FCTG Managing Director and CEO Graham “Skroo” Turner has made significant individual contributions and through the Turner Family Foundation, is a major supporter of the Australian Bush Heritage Fund. The Turner family has also joined with the Queensland Government to protect key rural properties from future development, with 12,000 acres of koala habitat at Spicers Hidden Vale added to the Queensland Government’s Nature Refuges Program.

Our sustainable practices include:
Our global headquarters has a 5-star CNABERS energy rating and we continue to actively work to reduce energy usage by:
  • using sensor lighting in all head offices
  • installing energy efficient lighting in new tenancy areas, including open plan offices and meeting rooms
  • minimising after hours air-conditioning use
  • installing block-out blinds to minimise cooling and heating costs
  • installing multi-purpose devices to reduce the number of appliances in use
  • having automatic switch off time clocks for all signage
  • encouraging staff to switch off appliances and equipment when not in use
  • using energy efficient appliances
We’ve taken significant steps to reduce our waste by:
  • ensuring recycling bins are available and accessible
  • printing only when necessary and moving towards double-sided copying
  • reducing packaging
  • Sourcing and using recycled, unbleached, post-consumer paper for 80% of printed materials
  • Reducing our printed subscriptions (including brochures)
  • Making publications available online and offering quotes/itineraries via email wherever possible
  • Maintaining an active e-waste practice that recycles old computers and mobile phones
  • Encouraging a global movement to use keep cups to reduce landfill
  • Offering the Sam :] smart travel assistant app through FCTG Corporate
  • Switching to Electronic Customer Acceptance (ECA) forms which is expected to result in a significant reduction of paper usage across our retail footprint
We have initiated an Environmentally Sustainable Design program for our retail shops, imposing guidelines relating to:
  • fit-out materials including timber usage
  • lighting and signage
  • equipment including water fixtures and fittings
  • waste management

We have a strong health and fitness culture (go team FCTG) and seek to provide our people with facilities that allow them to walk, cycle or run to work. Where possible, we install bicycle racks, showers, changing facilities and lockers in our head offices. The company has introduced a new workplace flexibility structure that allows some travel agents and support staff to work from home, thereby reducing commuting related carbon emissions.

4. Our People
Building brighter futures through: egalitarianism and unity

Our people are our number one priority and their path to success, equal privileges and rights are central to the way we operate. We strive to ensure that all of our policies and procedures work to benefit our people for an equal opportunity to succeed. We encourage internal mobility and work with our people to map out an individual path to success called ‘Brightness of Future’. 

We have an entire page dedicated to our people, the most important part of our organisation.

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