Exciting opportunities

We want you to be successful. So we invest in your training and professional development. We provide you with the tools, programs and career opportunities to take charge of your future. You are able to progress as fast as your hard work, results, ambition and ability allows.

We believe in brightness of future. We strive to ensure you always have a clear pathway to achieving your career goals. Promotion and transfers from within our company will always be our first choice.

Programs we offer

Induction and sales education

To ensure you’re ready for your new career, accredited trainers and experienced Flight Centre Travel Group team members take you through a combination of classroom and online learning.

Your induction training includes:

  • Hands-on experience to build your sales skills
  • Learning our computer systems
  • Developing in-depth knowledge of our most popular destinations.
FC Business School

FC Business School complements the internal training offered at Flight Centre Travel Group. Our courses offer an accreditation pathway from Certificate to Advanced Diploma level and a clear pathway to higher education. Course-delivery options are flexible to suit your lifestyle and work commitments.

Leadership pathways

Investing in the leadership development of our people is critical to the continuing success of our business. Our leadership pathway program supports our people to develop their leadership skills and abilities.


Opportunities for ownership

Employee Share Plan

FC Global Share is our employee share plan. It provides a cost-effective way for our full-time permanent employees to become shareholders in our company. Buying shares is an opportunity to share in the profit and growth of Flight Centre Travel Group.

Business Ownership Scheme

Through our Business Ownership Scheme (BOS), our leaders have the opportunity to invest in the business in which they work. By purchasing a stake in the business, you receive a proportion of the profits. What we know is ownership drives amazing results.

The benefits we offer our people vary from country to country. Learn more about benefits in each country.

'The way I view BOS is the Belief of Self. If you believe in your capabilities to take your store to new heights, then investing in yourself and your team is the best investment you can ever make. It has given me a strong viewpoint on how I run my business, a great sense of purpose and the drive to take my store to new levels of greatness and profit.'

- Liane Bartram, Team Leader