Benefits in India

Flight Centre Travel Group is renowned internationally for having amazing perks and an even better culture. Select a country below to read about its benefits. 

The work perks

If you’re in a sales role, you’re likely to land an incentivised remuneration structure that directly benefits hard work and results. Other benefits can include things like free financial advice, mental health services, travel discounts, education opportunities and of course that sweet, sweet leave.

All our work perks differ from country to country, so read on to see what you can expect where you are. Benefits can also depend on the brand that you work for, and your role – so best to ask our recruitment team for information on what applies for the role you’re interested in.

Remuneration, Incentives, and Benefits
- all about the salary and work perks!
  • Statutory bonus payment.
  • Employee Provident Fund contributions - the pension scheme funded by salary contributions from employer and employee. On retirement, this fund is paid to the employee as a pension.
  • Employee State Insurance (applies to employees who earn less than Rs. 21000/- as monthly gross salary). This scheme covers medical assistance for employees and their dependents.
  • Payment of gratuity to employees who have completed 5 years or more of service, subject to resignation/retirement.
  • Group personal accident insurance.

Health and Wellbeing Benefits
- a healthy work/life balance starts at work.
  • Access to health and wellness programs and services.
  • Annual medical checkup for employees.
  • Group medical insurance for employees and immediate family (up to a maximum of Rs. 400000/- per annum).

Career Development Benefits
- need a boost? We’ve got plenty.
  •  Ongoing training and professional development.



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