Benefits in each country - Canada

Benefits in Canada

In addition to the benefits offered across the Flight Centre Travel Group, each country has its own benefits package.



  • Incentive remuneration structure that directly rewards hard work and results
  • Free annual financial consultation through Moneywise, and access to a wide range of financial advisory services
  • Discounted travel with IATA Travel Agent card (after 6 months industry experience)
  • Flightie Travel Allowance to offset costs and help consultants become more familiar with the destinations we sell
  • When you contribute to a Retirement Savings Plan, we match up to 4% of your gross annual base salary into a Registered Pension Plan
  • Company share purchase opportunities
  • Business Ownership Scheme to invest in the business and share in profits
  • Leadership bonuses


  • Access to corporate wellness programs through Healthwise, including mental, physical and mindful challenges and one-on-one personal health consultations
  • Counselling and coaching for wellness at work, home and in life
  • Extended medical and dental coverage at a minimal cost in your first two years of employment


  • Access to extensive ongoing training and professional development
  • Free educational trips to learn about travel destinations and products
  • Outstanding leadership programs, including nationally recognised Diploma of Management


  • Vacation leave – 10 days in year 1
    • 15 days in year 2
    • 20 days in year 3
    • 25 days in year 7 onwards
  • Personal/sick leave – 6 days per calendar year
  • Volunteer leave – 1 day


Benefits in each country

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