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Our culture

All of our people understand the FCTG way of doing business. Who we are, and how we operate, behave and structure our teams are embedded into our culture and everyday routines from your first day.

Our Values

Our spirit of egalitarianism, irreverence and ownership defines the way we behave. These are the three shared values we place above all others to help us make informed decisions and solidify our company culture. Our values are simple, powerful and they shape our behaviour across our entire network of brands and businesses. We have a set of three core values that are lasting and unique to how we do things around here. They guide what our people do, and drive our organisation forward.  


We take our business seriously but not ourselves.
We respect our customers, our partners and each other.


We take full responsibility for our business and treat it as our own.


Everyone has the same opportunities, rights and privileges. Self-important people don’t fit in. There is no "us" and "them".

Love for travel-icon

Our purpose, to open up the world for those who want to see, defines why we exist and all of our people, regardless of brand or business, believe this to be true.

Our Philosophies

Our Philosophies are the ten beliefs that best define who we are and how we operate. They cover the expectations we place on our people, as well as our commitment to your Brightness of Future.  Click here to watch our 1min philosophy videos as told by our people. 

Let’s help you find your dream career in the travel industry