Our values

Our values are simple, powerful and they shape our behaviour from Flight Centre to the greater network of FCTG.

We have a set of three core values that are lasting and unique, guide what our employees do, and drive our organisation.


We take our business seriously but not ourselves.
We respect our customers, our partners and each other.



We take full responsibility for our business and treat it as our own.



Everyone has the same opportunities, rights and privileges. Self important people don’t fit in.


Our philosophies extend throughout our business from our people and customers to our organisational structure and profit making. 

Our behaviour

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Our people

We care for our people’s health and wellbeing, their personal and professional development and their financial security. We believe that work should be challenging and fun for everyone. The right people fit in with our culture, our values and our philosophies or they do not stay.

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Our customer

Our customers always have a choice and we care about personally delivering amazing travel experiences to them. This is delivered with respect, honesty, integrity and a great attitude.

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Brightness of future

All of our people belong to a Team (family), a Village, an Area (tribe), a Nation and a Country. This supportive work community provides an exciting and challenging career path and future for committed people. Promotion and transfers from within will always be our first choice and will give people the opportunity to move globally across our company.

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Taking responsibility

We take full responsibility for our own successes or failures. We do not externalise. We accept that we have total ownership and responsibility, but not always control. As a company, we recognise and celebrate our individual and collective successes.

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Egalitarianism and unity

In our company, we believe that each individual should have equal privileges and rights. In all our countries and all our businesses there should be no ‘them and us’.

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Our operations

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Our people have the opportunity to share in our company’s success through outcome-based incentives and profit share. They have ownership through BOS (sometimes by franchising) and Employee and Leadership Share Plans. Business leaders and business team members see the business they run as their business.

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Financial incentives

Our people have financial incentives which are based on measurable outcome based quantitative KPIs. What gets rewarded gets done is our basic principle and we reward outcomes – not behaviour.

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One best way

In each of our thousands of small businesses, there is ‘one best way’ to operate. These are standard (in 7 areas) systems employed universally until a better way is shown. We value common sense over conventional wisdom in running our business.

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Family, village, tribe

Our structure is simple, lean, flat and transparent, with accessible leaders. Our business model is being one of the world’s best and biggest small business operators. We have a maximum of 5 layers. The village is an integral part of the structure with a Village Leader running their own team and 3-5 other Teams and Leaders.

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Profit we are proud of

A fair margin resulting in a business profit we can be proud of is the key measure of whether we really are providing our customers with an amazing experience, amazing product and a caring and respectful service – an experience customers genuinely value.

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