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What takes your fancy - bikes, corporate travel, events? Bespoke trips, shoestring holidays, group touring? Within FCTG you’ve got all. the. options. Go on, see what’s out there.
99 Bikes

99 Bikes are Australia’s largest bicycle retailer with a fast-growing network of bicycle stores across the country.

4th Dimension
Corporate Travel

4th Dimension are corporate travel experts who love to nerd out on maximising return on travel investments.


AVMIN are Australia’s leader in charter aircraft solutions, offering the only charter concierge service. They also once chartered Matt Damon.


Aunt Betty is a quirky know-it-all travelling aunt with plenty of great advice and the best deals sans booking fees.

Advance Traders
Wholesale Travel

Advance Traders are leading Australian wheeling, dealing and distributing bike enthusiasts, serving as a one stop shop with exclusive ranges.


BYOJet is an Australian-owned online travel agency specialising in low-cost airfares, hotel bookings and car hire to overseas destinations.

Backroads Touring

Back Roads offers a unique small group tour concept - their boutique set-up takes only a handful of passengers per trip.

Corporate Travel

cievents is a strategic meeting and event management agency - they bring the magic to make your business stand out.

Corporate Traveller
Corporate Travel

Corporate Traveller help to make corporate travel simpler, faster and easier so businesses can get more bang for their buck.

Executive Travel
Corporate Travel

Executive Travel make travel easy by offering a personalised service delivered 24/7 utilising state-of-the-art technology.

Flight Centre
Leisure Travel

Flight Centre is the biggun’ amongst Flight Centre Travel Group - it is the largest brand in the portfolio, with a presence in 11 countries worldwide.

FCM Travel Solutions
Corporate Travel

FCM Travel Solutions take a holistic approach to corporate travel, focussing on cost reduction and specialising in medium-to-large businesses.

Flight Centre Travel Academy

Flight Centre Travel Academy specialises in affordable and practical courses for people in Australia wanting a career in the tourism industry.

Leisure Travel

Gapyear.com doubles as a website and a social network full of advice for backpackers and volunteers travelling worldwide.

Infinity Group
Wholesale Travel

Infinity Group package and promote great value travel to popular destinations, providing services to FCTG’s network of retail outlets.

GOGO Vacations
Wholesale Travel

GOGO Vacations is a leading wholesaler of holiday travel packages for the leisure market.


Moneywise are a financial service offering specialised advice, home loan brokering and personal tax solutions for financial goal setting.

Stage & Screen
Corporate Travel

Stage and Screen specialise in managing itineraries for companies across many sectors, VIP travel and group travel logistics.

Travel Associates
Leisure Travel

Travel Associates is dedicated to offering explorers the ultimate in boutique, tailored travel, serving the luxury and niche travel markets.

Topdeck Travel

Topdeck do epic Euro trips, game safaris, American road trips, sailing voyages, outback explorations and other adventures for travellers 18-39.

Travel Managers
Leisure Travel

A leading NZ travel company, Travel Managers has brokers operating from all over the country to bring you personalised travel management.

Travel Money Group

Travel Money Group are FCTG's foreign exchange specialists, with over 150+ stores in Australia and 20+ stores in New Zealand.

Liberty Travel
Leisure Travel

Liberty Travel listen to and tailor your unique travel preferences in order to craft personalised vacations.

Flight Centre Business Travel
Corporate Travel

FCBT provides high quality service and expertise to support customers on their business travels, wherever they may be.

Wholesale Travel

Formed from the merge of two leading DMCs - Buffalo Tours and Olympus Tours - Discova is a global destination management specialist.

Flight Centre Travel Group
Head Office

FCTG is one of the world’s largest travel agency groups, with company-owned and corporate operations in a combined 113 countries.

Health & Fitness

Healthwise make workplace magic happen by delivering a corporate wellness program that generates maximum employee engagement and creates healthy cultures.

Universal Traveller
Leisure Travel

Universal Traveller have been leaders in Australian youth travel for over three decades, providing for the airfare and adventure market.

Travel Partners
Leisure Travel

Travel Partners is an Australian broker-based travel company boasting a force of home-based travel agents operating from around the country.


StudentUniverse is a leading booking service for students and young adults, offering members special rates on flights, hotels and tours.

Travel Club
Leisure Travel

Travel Club is a dedicated membership-only club for FCTG’s corporate customers, offering highly specialised and personal leisure travel services.

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