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Our global locations

When we say we’re global, we mean it. Check out the map below for details on our global network.

Our Gigantic Global Footprint

Imagine being told you could work in the UK, or that you’ve got the job you wanted in the USA, or that your internal transfer to Sweden has been approved. That’s just part of everyday life, the norm, the ~ushe~ at FCTG, where far-flung countries suddenly feel so close, and that distant dream of eventually working abroad one day becomes a reality years earlier.

Like a well-spun web, our network has connections and locations in many far reaching parts of the globe. We’re currently present in:


But wait, there’s more! (not free steak knives, sorry)

FCTG’s global corporate travel management network extends further, with FCM Travel Solutions present in more than 90 countries - that’s just a world of possibilities, pardon the pun.

Where could your career with us take you? Quite frankly all over the world. Working and achieving consistently out of a small, close-knit team can gear you up for multiple pathways to achieve your career goals, wherever in the world they may be.

Global mobility program

Our Global Mobility Program supports our people to relocate within FCTG internationally - it’s one of the fastest ways to grow as a person and a professional.

To participate, you need to apply successfully for a role overseas and be eligible for the necessary working visas.

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