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Got any questions? FAQ that…

Read through to find answers on the application process through to travel perks. If you can't find the answer to your question, contact one of our local HR recruitment teams in your city.

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Our team considers every application on individual merit. We select people based on a combination of their life and work experience - and their attitude!

While we don't expect applicants to meet all criteria, here are some things we regard highly:

  • Successful Year 12 completion
  • Sales, customer service, retail or hospitality experience
  • Previous travel outside of Australia
  • A highly driven and motivated attitude
  • A genuine interest in travel
  • A natural ability to build great relationships

In choosing us, our customers have a high expectation that our travel sales consultants have themselves travelled, as it's through this personal experience that great recommendations can be made. However, it's not the be-all and end-all.

We have had successful consultants in the past with strong sales skills, good academic results and a passion for travel, who have not travelled extensively before joining the company. So, don't rule yourself out of a chance just because you haven't toured the world yet!

Sales experience is a great asset, however, we also look for sales potential when assessing your application. We know that some people have a natural ability to excel in a sales-based role without previous experience. If you're invited to the group interview, you'll have the opportunity to show our recruiters your natural sales ability through a sales role-play.

We are always on the lookout for bright stars, so examples of academic excellence are one way we can find them. But don't be worried if the results you achieved at school aren't that flash - we assess applications on several criteria, not just your education scores.

For example, if you didn't complete high school, but you have a great record of customer service or sales work experience and meet other aspects of our criteria you will still be considered for a career with us.


While you'll be able to make bookings from your first day in store, becoming an expert Travel Sales Consultant takes about two years.

Joining FCTG is not simply about getting a job, it really is about starting a new career. If you invest time into your learning (through our internal learning programs), within two years, you'll have a fantastic career in a company that offers endless opportunities.

We believe in investing in our people so that they can excel as far as they want to go. We have many learning programs on offer - from introductory training when you first join, through to leadership development and mentor programs.

When you start with us, you go straight into what we call the "Welcome Aboard Program". This program helps you learn the basics of the role of a Travel Sales Consultant. When you start work in your store, you'll be working with business coaches to ensure you hit the ground running, but with all the support you need.

No. We are proud to be able to offer our people the opportunity to gain professional, nationally recognised qualifications that are free of charge. All you need is the determination to succeed.


Our recruitment process is fast-moving, so you're not kept waiting for too long. We aim to keep you up to date whenever there is news regarding your application, and you'll hear from us within 5 business days from when you lodge your online application.

If you're successful, you're invited to book in for a phone interview, where the recruiter provides you with detailed information about the position on offer and also asks you a few questions to make sure we are the right fit for each other.

From here, if you're successful, you're invited to a group interview. This is a two-way opportunity for us to assess you on your suitability for the role as well as for you to find out more about Flight Centre Travel Group.

If you're successful and we're the right fit, we'll run a reference check and come back to you with a career offer!

Depending on your availability for your phone and group interviews, you could have a final outcome and offer within 1 to 3 weeks!

No! We have a centralised recruitment process, which means there's no need for you to apply for more than one position.

You will automatically be considered for all suitable vacancies, across all of our brands near you.

Contact the recruiter who you have been liaising with as they will be happy to give you feedback. Listen to their suggestions about what to work on to ensure you have the best opportunity to be successful the next time you apply.

You can find some useful tips on how to get hired as a Travel Consultant here.

The first thing we suggest is to check your spam inbox - the first time we contact you will be via email.

If you haven't received an email, double-check that your email address on your application is correct.

If after that you haven't heard from anyone within a week, contact the recruitment team in your state. You can find all the contact details here.

Unfortunately not. Even though the love for travel comes effortlessly for most people on a working holiday, the work limitation imposed by the visa doesn't allow you to fully participate in the training program that we offer, and the long term career path that we hope for all our team members. 

If you're not an Australian resident, in order to be considered for a role with us, your visa type must have no work restrictions. If you feel your visa meets these criteria, lodge your application and it will be reviewed by our recruitment team via the Government's Visa Entitlement Verification Online system (VEVO).

For more information about visa requirements in other countries, please contact your local recruitment team here.


We have a very social culture. We work hard and we play hard. We like to celebrate our successes and learn from our errors. We are certainly a "one of a kind" company.

We also operate in a high-performance culture involving commission, incentives and targets — our success as a company has been built on this model — the harder you work, the more you're rewarded.

As we are a global company, we are always growing and expanding into new regions and countries around the world, encouraging an inclusive, vibrant and outward-looking culture.


Throughout your time as a Travel Sales Consultant, you'll be given opportunities to travel through discounted travel fares, incentives, educational trips and conferences – to name a few.

Many of these opportunities are based on performance, so our highest achievers are often our most well-travelled!

One of the best things about working for us is that we love to recruit from within and help our people reach their professional goals. Many of our Travel Sales Consultants go on to become Team Leaders or Area Leaders and others end up in our head office running divisions. Even members of our Global Leadership Team started out as Travel Consultants back in the day!

We've got more than 30 brands in 90 countries, so your first step into a Travel Sales Consultant role could be the one of many in a career that traverses the world.