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There is strength in our differences

Come as you are, FCTG’s Diversity & Inclusion Program, is about promoting a safe and inclusive work environment for all of our people.

In first recognising and then celebrating the many different facets of what makes you “you”, we are doing our part to make our work environment better every day. When you show up, we want you showing up as YOU. There is only one best way when it comes to supporting you, and it involves celebrating your whole self.

Our strength lies in our differences, not our similarities. True success, be it in business or workplace culture, stems from all team members feeling free to bring their best, most unique selves to work. Whatever that looks like.

Our commitment

Our people are our number one priority and their path to success, equal privileges and rights are central to the way we operate. 

We strive to ensure that all of our policies and procedures work to benefit our people for an equal opportunity to succeed. We encourage internal mobility and work with our people to map out an individual path to success called ‘Brightness of Future’.

FCTG is committed to having a representation of senior female executives and board members that are more reflective of the gender balance across the company.

We have a range of
strategies, policies and practices in place to achieve our goals.

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