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Travel Club

Hand-picked holiday deals for members only.

About Travel Club

If you enjoy working corporate hours with corporate travel clients, but really miss dealing with leisure product, then you'll probably love working at Travel Club.

Travel Club is a truly unique, member-only leisure travel booking service in Australia for busy corporates who already book their business travel through FCTG’s corporate travel brands. Travel Club brings them hand-picked exclusive holiday deals, flexible payment options and VIP service from a team of leisure travel experts, saving time and money, and ensuring they have an amazing holiday experience! As one of our team, you'll enjoy the best of corporate and leisure, wrapped into one.

Work standard business hours from our corporate offices
Travel Club is a leisure retailer that takes phone and email enquiry only, which allows our teams to be in open plan corporate offices. There are no walk-ins, no mandatory uniforms to wear, and best of all, we work business hours on Monday to Friday (no weekends). Our locations are central and you can enjoy additional perks like onsite gyms, health and wellness consultations, financial planning and more.