Liberty Travel

Vacations tailored to your unique travel preferences in order to craft personalised experiences.

About Liberty Travel

Since 1951, Liberty Travel has been an icon amongst travel brands in the United States. It’s one of the largest and most recognised travel agency groups in the US, operating more than 100 stores. In 2008 FCTG acquired Liberty Travel and it has been the group’s primary retail presence in the US.

Beyond booking hotels and flights, Liberty Travel is set apart from the rest by their approach. They listen and tailor your unique preferences from matching you with the right travel consultant to offering you the perfect experiences. When you book with them, you’ll enjoy a true Liberty Travel experience, including speaking with consultants passionate about seeing the world as much as you are. 

You’ll also get your perfect match, where you’re paired with an expert who will tailor your vision to the ideal vacation for you, and crafted vacations where you can enjoy a more enriching vacation with personal recommendations and unique services.