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Helping people to stay physically and mentally fit.

About Healthwise

Healthwise Global make workplace magic happen. They help create workplaces where employees love to work and turn up every day full of energy and motivation. How!? They work with you to help create a balance between work and engaging in a healthy lifestyle can be challenging.

Healthwise Global is experienced and passionate about delivering a corporate wellness program that is both flexible and fun, generating maximum engagement for employees and helping to create a healthy culture of focused, driven people within their clients’ businesses.

Healthwise Global was established over 20 years ago as the inaugural provider of health and wellbeing services to FCTG. Thanks to Healthwise Global, FCTG have won or come in the top three ‘Best employers to work for’ in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Africa for the past 10 years - playing a large part in their personal and professional success. Healthwise Global now operates in 32 countries and looks after a huge range of companies and businesses.