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Aunt Betty

Travel Better with Aunt Betty.

About Aunt Betty

Launched in 2016 by FCTG, Aunt Betty is the quirkiest brand in the family. A 46-year-old extremely well-travelled aunt serves as the personality with a whole back-story modelled around a biographical telling of her adventures. Spruiking herself as a purveyor of great flights and travel package deals with no sneaky booking fees, Aunt Betty also offers car hire, insurance and visa requirement info. She’s a clever clogs.

Having spent many years exploring countries, Aunt Betty knows travel and loves to share her stories and help others explore the world the same way she did. Customers go to Aunt Betty for great advice as she always knows just the right places to recommend. She dishes out her advice freely without expecting anything in return so you can book your travel and go. Unlike other online travel competitors, Aunt Betty is always up front with any fees that might apply (other than booking fees) and tries to get rid of them completely wherever possible.