99 Bikes

The wheelie good bike guys.

About 99 Bikes

99 Bikes are Australia’s largest bicycle retailer with a fast-growing network of bicycle stores across the country. They opened the doors of their first shop in Brisbane in 2007, which has a bit of a funny story - the shop was a snug 170m2, so they could only squeeze in...99 bikes. Initially the one room tripled as a workshop, office and stockroom until they expanded to a second shop.

Their huge membership program, Club 99, gives customers access to everyday low prices across everything in store. They have a massive range of quality products from trusted brands and a bike for every kind of rider. They have dedicated repairs workshops in every shop, an online store open 24/7 and expert staff who love to ride. They even sell certified used bikes and electric bikes for those who enjoy the scenery too. 

In 2008 Flight Centre Travel Group bought 50% of the company, further supporting their growth across Australia.